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Thermal Insulation Foams

Product Code


Density Available

ASTM D 3575, Kg/m3, 28+3


2006-10-P.E foam is a non-fibrous, fire retardant, closed cell, tri-dimensional chemically cross linked polyethylene foam. with a prefect solution for all your thermal insulation needs.


This product is suitable in AC/ Humidification, Duct insulation, Pipe lines, Acoustic Insulation, Thermal insulations & etc..,

Third Party Confirmation

ASTM D 3575, ASTM C 518, ASTMD 1056, BS 4370 P2, BS 476 Part 7/ Cl-1, BS 476 Part 6/Cl-0, DIN 5510-2, ROHS/EU/95/Recast


Detail Technical Report Available on Request

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